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 Friday at the vets

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Flower Girl

PostFriday at the vets

We had to take Poppy to the vet on Friday. The poor babes, she has digestive problems and over the last couple of weeks she's had quite a flare up.

After investigations she was diagnosed with food allergy some time back and it turned out the main problem is fish - her most fav food! Thing is, fish derivatives are in all cat food and cat treats, so she spent three months on ZD to calm everything down (which is basically some tasteless 'cardboard' coated with flavour!) and then progressed onto DD veneson and green pea, which she's been on for ages and doing well on until her symptoms flared up recently.

So now she's been put on ID (intestinal diet) and thankfully she's responding well, plus some short term medication has helped. She's loving her new food though and can't get enough of it. It's nice to see her full and relaxed, she's like a new cat!

Oh and she was very well behaved to and from the vets; no soiling in her basket at all, bless her.
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Friday at the vets :: Comments

Re: Friday at the vets
Post on Tue 18 Aug 2009, 09:20 by Yorkshirerose
Aww bless her.

Bet she is feeling so much better with the yummy food.
Re: Friday at the vets
Post on Tue 18 Aug 2009, 09:21 by Caz
Poor Poppy. What a nightmare yes I think I would of been ripping my hair out as it must be so difficult keeping her away from any food that you put down for your other cats.

I am pleased to hear that you have finally found a food that she enjoys and that agrees with her Very Happy
Re: Friday at the vets
Post on Tue 18 Aug 2009, 14:48 by Flower Girl
She's feeling better thanks, what with the food and the jab/tabs from the vet.

Although this morning she was a bit off colour - didn't even want any of the fresh chicken that I bribe her with to take her tablet. She's perked up this afternoon though and has just eaten her way through her breakfast.

Her tummy's quite bloated though and she hasn't had a poop, the complete opposite from last week when it was poopy hell here. Anyway, we're taking her back on Thurs/Friday for another check up.
Re: Friday at the vets
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Friday at the vets

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