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 High Noon

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Flower Girl

PostHigh Noon

Charliecat, much to the disgust of the Flower Girls, likes to avail himself of the cat friendly and enticing garden that we have developed for humans and felines alike.

Lately he's been sunning himself on the bench in the sunniest and most sought after corner of the garden; totally oblivious to anything around him and acting as if he owns the place. He is one big bounder of a ginger tom and fully stretched, from front paw to back paw, he completely fills the length of the standard size bench! He has huge ‘paddles’ for paws, which are suitably armed with razor sharp claws that look as though they could tear through, not only flesh, but steel!

Naturally, the Flower Girls are somewhat shy at confronting Charliecat (although they seem to hate him) and hide behind me, growling and hissing in a most aggressive manner, but never quite taking the plunge for a face-off.

In a bid to promote peaceful and harmonious relations between the resident and 'trespassing' felines, I've been trying a new tactic. Instead of shooing the gorgeous Charliecat away, I've been stroking him and sitting next to him in a bid to desensitise the Girls' reaction to his presence.

All seemed to be working fine and even Poppy - who is absolutely terrified of Charliecat - was brave enough to sit in the sun just two feet away from him, instead of cowering behind the patio doors. I really thought I was on to something here... "I should be an animal behaviourist" I distinctly remember muttering to myself!

We had an interesting development last week... Charliecat was becoming too big for his paddly paws and leapt off the bench at frightening speed to chase one of the Girls across the garden and in through the patio doors. Of course, the little blighter had to pick on poor nervous Poppy!

A few days’ later it seemed as though they were all settling down and that the incident was just a slight blip in the Charliecat feline therapy. Oh, how naive!

This week, Charliecat has become more cocksure and possessive than ever and simply refused to leave the garden on Tuesday. Feeling sorry for the Girls, who had now confined themselves indoors after Charliecat’s energetic outburst last week, I decided to encourage him to leave the garden after giving him a cuddle, thinking that he would oblige. Instead, the bounder insisted on jumping back into the garden no matter how many times I carefully and lovingly placed him on top of the fence.

Whilst this human-feline wrestling match ensued, Lily and Daisy had crept up behind me and were now in full control of their vocal cords – cats’ chorus is a more accurate description – and they were becoming braver by the minute. Charliecat, like a slippery fish, managed to jump down again, raced along the path and then attacked Lily. “Lily!” I shouted, but before I had time to stop him, he’d darted back out through the shrubs he’d propelled Lily into and then did an about turn on Daisy, bolting down the garden and chasing her through the patio doors at lightning speed. As soon as he raced in, he was back out through the doors and into the garden (probably because, by now, I was following and shrieking at him!) and then by a remarkable feline feat, he chased Lily up on to the fence and continued in her pursuit – without a pause for breath – totally ignoring the howling and shrieking that Lily was doing! It ended up with poor Lily, half way up a tree trunk, trying to protect herself from his swipes and giving some back, too!

By now, we were well and truly into a full-blown cat-fight, and even the vase of water I hurriedly splashed over them didn’t break up the situation. Several vases of water later, Charliecat left Lily and nonchalantly began strolling back along the fence with his eye on the prize – the sunny bench. “Oh no you don’t, you little bugger!” I yelled, and then raced in and armed myself with a water pistol! Incredulously, the water pistol was far more effective than the vase of water and after several frantic squirts, Charliecat eventually made a hasty retreat.

The Flower Girls – eventually - ventured back outside, but only if I was present. I spent some time out there and shared a catnip plant amongst them in a bid to promote solidarity and calm them down through play. They were pretty shaken up, though, and spent the rest of the evening twitching through the curtains to see if their nemesis had made a reappearance.

So that’s it, Charliecat has now blotted his copy book and we’re back to the water pistol routine to keep harmony in our garden. Funnily enough, while the fracas was underway and I’d run in to grab the water pistol, I glanced at the clock and noticed that it was midday!
So that was ‘High Noon’ in the Flower Girls’ garden!

Let's hope we don't get a repeat of the situation... I’m certainly not looking forward to ‘Gun water pistol fight at the OK Corrall!!!
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High Noon :: Comments

Re: High Noon
Post on Thu 15 Apr 2010, 17:35 by gemini
I know it's not funny for the girls, but the thought of you and your water pistol had me in hysterics.

What is it about ginger toms called Charlie?? As you know we have our own version and he thinks he owns every house in the close! Pearl had a mini fight with him the other day. Luckily it didn't get too nasty because I was in my pyjamas and would have looked a real sight if I'd gone out.

Luckily (I think) my cats don't let Charlie stop them from enjoying the garden. They tend to chase him away, though he doesn't go far and soon comes back.

I've never had to break up a full blown cat fight, but I'd probably have done the same as you and thrown water, but now I'll keep my water pistol ready. Anyone know anywhere that sells holsters?
Re: High Noon
Post on Thu 15 Apr 2010, 19:30 by mrsmarple
Wow it's all go at the Flower Girl Corral Poor Flower Girls defending their territory. You'll need to get a moat. They will be looking out for Charlie for a while. He's sounds a right bruiser. Hopefully the next beautiful sunny day all will be forgotten by the girls and they'll be able to enjoy their garden once again.
Re: High Noon
Post on Fri 16 Apr 2010, 08:54 by Yorkshirerose
Wow what a big tom cat he is. Luckily no other cats seem to venture down our alleyway very often that leads to the back yard.

I hope that he soon gets the message and finds somewhere else to settle.

Georgie and Jerry send big purrs and licks to the flower girls.
Re: High Noon
Post on Tue 17 Aug 2010, 22:18 by Flower Girl
Thought I'd post some pics of Charliecat! As you can see he is totally and utterly gorgeous, but Poppy hates him lol.

Charliecat sunning himself on my garden shed!

Charliecat in all his gorgeousness

How can I resist this face???
Re: High Noon
Post on Wed 18 Aug 2010, 08:14 by gemini
OMG he is just like the Charliecat we have in our street. They could be brothers!! I will try to get a picture of him sometime! He caused chaos in our house at 4am this morning because he was sitting outside the front door peering in through the glass. Pearl and Sparky were running up and down the stairs like lunatics, and Meg was howling her head off. We thought we had burglars or something! So much for a good nights sleep!
Re: High Noon
Post on Wed 18 Aug 2010, 08:50 by mrsmarple
He is beautiful your right how could you resist that face. He certainly looks right at home. lol I can see why the girls are afraid of him, he's powerful looking.
Re: High Noon
Post on Wed 18 Aug 2010, 21:16 by Yorkshirerose
OMG what a gorgeous looking cat. He looks almost like a lion in the second picture.
He looks very relaxed and at home chilling out there
Re: High Noon
Post on Thu 19 Aug 2010, 12:57 by Flower Girl
Yorkshirerose - He does resemble a lion, doesn't he? Hubby says he does, too.

Mrsmarple - He has huge paddles for paws which are very very powerful! You're right, no wonder the girls are afraid of him! Poppy is so tiny up against him and she's the most afraid.

Gemini - I love to see a pic of your 'charliecat'. Post it here and we can compare them lol. Your poor girls sound most unsettled... we have the same here too, screaming banshies is the early hours because Charliecat or some other cat is sat on our patio!
Re: High Noon
Post on Thu 19 Aug 2010, 13:55 by gemini
I showed Stuart the pic of your Charliecat and he agrees thqat he looks just like our Charlie! I do have a pic of him and Pearl at home. Will try to find it!
Re: High Noon
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High Noon

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