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 Annual Boosters

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Flower Girl

PostAnnual Boosters

Monday was that time of the year again... booster time! The Flower Girls hate going to the vets and boy, don't we know it!

Poor Daisy, she was scooped up from her comfy bed and placed into the cat carrier - she was not impressed and hissed at everyone and everything indiscriminately. It sounded as though we had a bag of snakes on the back seat, not just one bad tempered cat!

Then there was poor Poppy, she’s so scared of the travelling in the car – the poor baby – she pooped on the way to the vet and peed on the way back. Fortunately, I have just discovered puppy training sheets, with which I lined the baskets.

Lily, being Lily, was no trouble at all, the little darling – except, she was purring so loudly on the vet’s table that it was hard to monitor her heartbeat! (Naturally, she was purring in fear and not contentment!)

Then we had the usual feline quarrels when they were all released back in their own home and I ran around dutifully trying to appease them all out of guilt. I think I find it as stressful as the cats.

Well, at least that’s it for another year. Next time I’m thinking of asking the vet for some valium... for myself!
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Annual Boosters :: Comments

How do you get your girls into the carrier?
Post on Thu 13 Aug 2009, 16:42 by Honeysuckle
William and I were meant to take Lyra to the vet the other week for her annual vaccination but unfortunately we couldn't get her in the carrying case. We tried everything. I sprayed the inside with Feliway, and scattered it with cat nip, and put some temptations in inside. But she just wouldn't go in. She ended up running away and when I caught up with her, her poor little heart was beating so fast that we didn't want to upset her anymore.

So we decided to cancel the appointment. Fortunately, the vet was understanding and said it happens a lot with cats.

Still we do need to take her at some point. We've left the case out so that she can get used to it a bit more.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Janice x
Re: Annual Boosters
Post on Thu 13 Aug 2009, 16:55 by Flower Girl
Awww poor Lyra!

It sounds to me, Janice, that you've done most things...

Have you ever tried Feliway friend? (I think it's called that). It's a spray that you put on your own hands prior to handling a cat and works slightly different from the usual Feliway. I haven't tried it myself, but I am tempted to buy some.

What kind of basket do you have? Top or side opening?
Re: Annual Boosters
Post on Sun 16 Aug 2009, 18:25 by Honeysuckle
Hi Dee,

Thank you for the suggestion I'll see if I can get some Feliway Friend. We have a front opening case. We've been putting some dry food in there to get her used to going in so hopefully we'll be more successful next time. She's never resisted before. I think unfortunately I may have rushed her a little bit as we were running late.

Hope your ones have settled back down again after their trip to the vet. Poor wee Poppy...it's upsetting isn't it when they are upset.

Looking forward to seeing some photos of them all.

Love Janice xxx
Re: Annual Boosters
Post on Sun 16 Aug 2009, 20:10 by Flower Girl
Thanks Janice.

We had to take Poppy to the vet on Friday but I haven't had time to blog about that yet lol. She was such a good girl though and didn't soil her basket at all.

I have 3 different carrying baskets and by far the best one I find is the wire basket with a top opener. You just pull the metal rod out and the basket lifts open at the top; it's much easier to get them in and out. Most vets use them and so do the rescue centres.

Let's hope Lyra calms down about her basket soon. yes

I will be uploading photos of my girls soon... there's been so much to do on the forum up until now that I haven't got round to it, but now everything's up and running, hopefully I'll be able to sit back and enjoy the forum as a user instead. Well... that's the plan lol.

Re: Annual Boosters
Post on Sun 16 Aug 2009, 22:45 by hamster
look forward to seeing their pics
Re: Annual Boosters
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Annual Boosters

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