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 Please release me.... (cue Englebert!)

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Flower Girl

PostPlease release me.... (cue Englebert!)

Well, Monday night was day four of the lampshade ordeal for Poppy. She's been such a little darling; no complaints, no whinging, just a quiet disposition and loving extra cuddles throughout the last four days.

Poppy's skin erruptions have practically gone, along with bits of fur, so she now has two rather large bald patches above each eye, and two bald strips running from her 'eyebrows' to her ears. So we decided to remove the lampshade collar and trust she's over the worst of it by now.

We thought she'd scoot around the house the minute the collar was removed but instead, she showed her appreciation by rubbing the side of her face against every object in sight! Her pleasure was apparant and she was loving her new freedom.

Then she went on to clean her paws, her face... and soon was engrossed in a half hour full body wash. The collar had prevented her from carrying out even the simplest of ablutions, so it must have been the equivalent of not being able to wash or shower for four days! The poor baby!!

She's an amazing little creature and I swear she 'knows' that it was all for her own good and that we were just taking care of her. We've had no Daisy-like sulks, just a quiet, dignified and resigned attitude toward the whole thing.

Poppy is one pretty cool cat!
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Please release me.... (cue Englebert!) :: Comments

Re: Please release me.... (cue Englebert!)
Post on Tue 08 Dec 2009, 11:25 by gemini
Awww well done Poppy

It must have been four days of hell for her. Hugs from everyone in our house!! Hope the problem doesn't come back.
Re: Please release me.... (cue Englebert!)
Post on Tue 08 Dec 2009, 11:57 by Flower Girl
Fingers crossed! She was given a long acting antibiotic and steriod injections, so we won't know for at least another week if she's clear and that it was the tinned food I was giving her that caused it.

She's on ID dry diet, but I'd been giving her the ID tinned food - thinking it would be okay as it's from the same range - but when I rang Hills, they said the tinned version has pork in it (and the dry doesn't) so that's what could have caused it. Fortunately her gastro-intestinal problem is stable and it's just the skin at the moment that's affected.
Re: Please release me.... (cue Englebert!)
Post on Wed 09 Dec 2009, 21:21 by Flower Girl
Poppy's still doing well and (fingers crossed) the skin allergy has settled down. I'm really hoping it doesn't flare up again once the long acting steriod/antibiotic wears off.

She's back to herself now and very happy.
Re: Please release me.... (cue Englebert!)
Post on Mon 14 Dec 2009, 16:54 by mrsmarple
awwww. Bless her. Big hugs from us.

Please release me.... (cue Englebert!)

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