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 A Hiss and a Swipe!

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Flower Girl

PostA Hiss and a Swipe!

Poor Poppy, talk about kicking a cat when she's down!

Daisy took an instant dislike to Poppy's lampshade collar (see lampshade cat post http://purrsnwhiskers.co.uk/a-day-in-the-lives-of-the-flower-girls-f27/lampshade-cat-t381.htm) as well as a dislike to Poppy herself, and ever since we returned from the vet with Poppy, Daisy's aggression has increased.

At first, Daisy was afraid of the collar and skulked around Poppy, but since Saturday, she's been hissing non-stop every time Poppy appears in the same vicinity as her - and we've got feliway diffusers on the go, imagine what it'd be like without them lol.

Well, the collar will come off on Tuesday morning and I'm sure Poppy (who's such a brave little cat) will be relieved, but not sure about Daisy, though. I bet the hissing is set to continue... should've called her 'hissing sid'.
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A Hiss and a Swipe! :: Comments

Re: A Hiss and a Swipe!
Post on Mon 07 Dec 2009, 21:34 by gemini
Ooooh poor old Poppy. I hope things get better when the collar comes off!
Re: A Hiss and a Swipe!
Post on Wed 09 Dec 2009, 15:19 by Flower Girl
Well, the little monkey, Daisy is still hissing at Poppy - but not quite as much now the collar has come off!

I need to start scheduling a regular 'play session' with all three cats, as this brings them closer together and breaks down barriers - well, in theory it does lol.
Re: A Hiss and a Swipe!
Post on Wed 09 Dec 2009, 19:38 by gemini
Thats a great idea. Meg still doesn't get on with any of our other cats and is quite aggressive towards them if they get too close. The only time she'll let them anywhere near her is when I'm preparing food in the kitchen and she's there with the rest of them waiting in line to see if I give them any leftover chicken or whatever!
Re: A Hiss and a Swipe!
Post on Wed 09 Dec 2009, 20:12 by Flower Girl
LOL I can just visualise a line of begging cats!
Re: A Hiss and a Swipe!
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A Hiss and a Swipe!

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