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 Worming Day!

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Flower Girl

PostWorming Day!

Well, it was that time of the quarter again yesterday - Worming Day! I'd been putting it off and putting it off since late August, so it really was about time for their quarterly worming tablet.

Now, I've kept cats for many years and over that time I've become pretty good at administering all sorts of medications - liquid medicines, tablets of all shapes and sizes, heck, I even give my neighbour's cat insulin injections twice a day when they're away - so you'd think that 'Worming Day' would be a breeze... not!

Give them their due, Poppy and Lily are absolutely no trouble at all. You tilt their heads back, squeeze open the mouth, pop the table right at the back of the throat, shut their mouths and then they swallow. Easy peasy!

Daisy on the other hand... she's a little minx! She writhes, wriggles, throws her body around like buckeroo, refuses to open her mouth and turns a drama into a crisis! I've tried most things... tasty treats, tablet pockets, butter, marmite etc. to disguise the tablet, but without success, so I have to resort to popping it in her mouth to ensure she takes it.

So, there I was yesterday, eyeing her up... do I wear protective clothing? Should I wrap her in a towel? Should I give it to her separate from the others? All of which totally stress her out of course, but I chose the latter and gave it to her in the evening.

This time, I managed to get Daisy to take it after just 5 minutes of frantic wrestling with her! Yay! A new record! I didn't get away unscathed though; one of her sharp teeth clamped down shut on my finger - ouch! It didn't pierce the skin though, luckily. After the ordeal, a little bit of fresh chicken soon calmed down Daisy and all that was left was my throbbing red finger to show for it.

I did feel a sense of satisfaction in ticking that task off of my Outlook task calander... until it then reminded me that the next worming day is due on 12th January! Groan!!!!
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Worming Day! :: Comments

Re: Worming Day!
Post on Tue 13 Oct 2009, 17:18 by Yorkshirerose
aww bless them especailly daisy. i just sprinkled the tablet in the monsters evening food and the woofed it down. i am sure though that they are going to get wise to that, then it will be a struggle.
Re: Worming Day!
Post on Tue 13 Oct 2009, 21:33 by gemini
Oooooh I used to hate worming day. The only cat who I could get a tablet down was Pearl. Sparky won't swallow, and he ended up pebbledashing me and the settee in woming tablet.
But thats in the past! Now I buy Profender from the vets, which is a spot-on treatment which you use like Frontline. Easy peasy! Job done in a few minutes!
Re: Worming Day!
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Worming Day!

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