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The Flower Girls were enjoying the Spring sunshine in the garden yesterday and I couldn't help but take some snaps of them.

Above: Life at Lily level!

Above: Daisy, bird watching from a distance

Above: Poppy, "Daisy" watching from a distance
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A true 'Bath Lily' is a bath accessory that's used with shower gel. It has a very light abrasive texture that gives a gentle exfoliation while you cleanse.


However, in the Flower Girl household, it has a completely different meaning...

With everything that's been going on lately the usual routines...
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If ever there was a cat that would get into trouble/mischief/mayhem/etc, then it would have to be Poppy.

She seems to have grown out of her phase of taking unexpected and mysterious dips in the river, ending up looking like a disheveled rat. I'm always astonished at how scrawny a cat can look once its fur is sodden. Plus the stench of stagnant water adds to the drama. Definitely not a cool look for a cat!

No, the river has lost its fascination, Poppy has now moved on to the weird and wonderful hobby of collectables.

Who'd have thought that such a tiny magnet...
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No, not a misspelling of George Michael's hit single, but one of Daisy's ginormous facial appendages resembling those belonging to a giant walrus rather than a short haired moggie.

I am, in fact, referring to Daisy's stray whiskers. They get everywhere and we know they're Daisy's because they are pure white and very strong. Poppy has black whiskers and Lily's are short and feathery.

I've considered marketing them as quill-like pens; only Daisy's shedding of them is sporadic and wouldn't net us much profit.

Lily has found a use for them, though. She becomes highly...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 6 - Views: 749

Clunk, clunk... clank

Clunk, clunk... clank

Hmmm that's a vaguely familiar sound stirring my deep sleep...

Clunk, clunk... clank

In the depths of my unconsciousness I somehow knew that this sound, although vaguely familiar, shouldn't be at the bottom of my bed...

Clunk, clunk... clank

Okay, that's it; now I'm going to have to wake up... it might be an axe murderer in my room!

With that thought permeating my unconsciousness, I sat bolt up in bed, not sure what to expect; "What the ****" I yelled!

by Flower Girl - Comments: 11 - Views: 828

Charliecat, much to the disgust of the Flower Girls, likes to avail himself of the cat friendly and enticing garden that we have developed for humans and felines alike.

Lately he's been sunning himself on the bench in the sunniest and most sought after corner of the garden; totally oblivious to anything around him and acting as if he owns the place. He is one big bounder of a ginger tom and fully stretched, from front paw to back paw, he completely fills the length of the standard size bench! He has huge ‘paddles’ for paws, which are suitably armed with razor sharp claws that look as...
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Well... it's official. Lily is the quorn queen.

Place in front of Lily a piece of cooked chicken and a piece of quorn 'chicken' and guess which one she will go for?

Yep! She prefers the quorn!!

Daisy on the other hand will reject it outright - just as any self respecting feline would do - but Poppy has her mother's loopy streak and likes both quorn and chicken.
by Flower Girl - Comments: 3 - Views: 614

This has been an eventful week for the Flower Girls.

(We'll quickly skim over Wednesday, when the girls had their annual visit to the vet for their booster vaccinations - see previous post from last year - nothing changes!)

However, their outdoor garden world this week has been interesting...

Daisy stood up to Charlie, the big...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 10 - Views: 605

Oh, woe for the Flower Girls last weekend! Not only did they have to endure 8 days of no heating leading up to the weekend (and for a cat, that's deadly serious!), but they then had to endure 2 days of utter chaos while the old heating system was ripped out and replaced with a brand spanking new one.

As soon as the van pulled up outside, quick as a flash, a tabby-tortie blur raced across the kitchen and out through the cat flap so fast that Lily was barely visible! Quickly followed by a black and white streak (Daisy) and then a pure black flash (Poppy).

What then proceeded...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 3 - Views: 539

Well, Monday night was day four of the lampshade ordeal for Poppy. She's been such a little darling; no complaints, no whinging, just a quiet disposition and loving extra cuddles throughout the last four days.

Poppy's skin erruptions have practically gone, along with bits of fur, so she now has two rather large bald patches above each eye, and two bald strips running from her 'eyebrows' to her ears. So we decided to remove the lampshade collar and trust she's over the worst of it by now.

We thought she'd scoot around the house the minute the collar was removed but instead,...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 4 - Views: 700

Poor Poppy, talk about kicking a cat when she's down!

Daisy took an instant dislike to Poppy's lampshade collar (see lampshade cat post http://purrsnwhiskers.co.uk/a-day-in-the-lives-of-the-flower-girls-f27/lampshade-cat-t381.htm) as well as a dislike to Poppy herself, and ever since we returned from the vet with Poppy, Daisy's aggression has increased.

At first, Daisy was afraid of the collar and skulked around Poppy,...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 4 - Views: 589

Poor Poppy! We took her to the vets last night and this is how she came home!

She has a nasty allergic reaction (to some new tinned food, I think) which has resulted in a swollen head encrusted with scabs - she started to look like the 'elephant cat' yesterday!

The poor baby, she's made it much worse by scratching so she has to wear a lampshade collar for 4 days. She's had it on for a day and is only just getting used to it. She slept on our bed last night but neither of us got...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 8 - Views: 1310

I'm at my desk today, so much to catch up on, and I have my usual glass of water beside my monitor, ready to sip at any time.

However, I am horrified to see that Poppy is helping herself to my glass of mineral water! Increduously, she's on seconds - as I type these very words - she's lapping my much cherished bottled water!!!

This is worrying as I always keep a glass of water at my bedside every night... perish the thought that this might be a nightly feline occurrence, too!

Coincidentally, I've suddenly lost my thirst.
by Flower Girl - Comments: 16 - Views: 916

It's a well-known documented fact that cats and catnip (catmint) go together. The Flower Girls are particularly susceptible. Just one whiff of the stuff is enough to make all three of them flop over on to their backs and writhe in ecstasy.

I was a little surprised, though, when I discovered during the summer, that the girls are partial to other plants... namely herbs.

Lily almost demolished my small bay tree! I had to remove it from the ground and put it in a pot. Her constant writhing and thrashing against the stem almost brought about its demise. Just one fresh bay...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 4 - Views: 1123

Well, it was that time of the quarter again yesterday - Worming Day! I'd been putting it off and putting it off since late August, so it really was about time for their quarterly worming tablet.

Now, I've kept cats for many years and over that time I've become pretty good at administering all sorts of medications - liquid medicines, tablets of all shapes and sizes, heck, I even give my neighbour's cat insulin injections twice a day when they're away - so you'd think that 'Worming Day' would be a breeze... not!

Give them their due, Poppy and Lily are absolutely no trouble...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 2 - Views: 822

A great chasm has appeared in our garden due to the driest September on record.
The 'boggy' part of the garden has lovely lush grass on it and as you go further up the garden, towards the trees, the green turns to dead looking straw-like material lol.

The stepping stones are stood proud on top of dried out clay and the chasm has appeared around one of the stepping stones and branching out into the garden. This created a lot of interest for Lily and Daisy today.

I was curious to see Daisy's whole front leg and paw poking around inside the chasm. At first I thought...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 7 - Views: 709

My Daisy is a little ball of furr (and flab lol) and she's just so cuddly that I can't stop cuddling and cradling her... and she's happy for me to do it, bless her!

Last night I was cradling her like a baby lol and she was purring so loudly and her little paws were 'padding' as they do (you know, as if plumping up a cushion).

It makes me realise how patient our felines are with us that they let us bundle them, squeeze them, hug them etc.

As you can tell, I'm feeling in a right softy mood today lol.

by Flower Girl - Comments: 12 - Views: 819

Just back from me hols over the weekend and already I am skivvy to 3 very bossy cats!

I've just had Lily - who couldn't be bothered to eat all of her food this morning - come in and 'yell' at me whilst I'm working at my desk. She has an earth-shatteringly loud yell, too! The little minx!

It seems my purpose in life is to continuously supply tasty morsels throughout the working day to said moggies and pander to thier every whim.

That's it! The worm has turned!!...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 8 - Views: 568

Well, Poppy is doing very well since the start of her course of treatment and her new I/D diet.

She was vomiting 3 or 4 times a day, lost loads of weight, and then there was the contents of the litter tray... ewwww. She hasn't displayed any of those symptoms since 15th August and we're almost a month into treatment.

She's gone from boney and gaunt to a lively little thing, and she's turning into quite the little porker lol.

We're gradually weaning her off the...
by Flower Girl - Comments: 5 - Views: 531

Hmmm Lily's gone AWOL this morning.

She had a tiny vomit - grass - and then disappeared and didn't come back for her food, which is not like her at all. I've been calling and whistling for her for well over an hour now, and I'm starting to feel anxious...

It's a very windy day though and maybe she can't hear me, especially if she's down by the river.

I'm going to go out now and post a letter and see if I can find her on my way. I'm sure I'm worrying about nothing.

by Flower Girl - Comments: 10 - Views: 640
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